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“The Gormans explain not just how people fall for the false claims of politicians, but also how intelligent people wind up in cults or why a nation wracked by gun violence continues to reject gun-control measures. They admit they do not support Trump, but they’re otherwise equal opportunity debunkers.”

Words from the Press

Denying to the Grave and the Gorman father-daughter team have received exceptional response from key journalistic organizations and scientific communities.

The Gormans don’t just want to catalogue the ways we go wrong; they want to correct for them… Written before the election, they anticipate Kellyanne Conway and the rise of “alternative facts.”

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“Superb…perfect for fans of Daniel Kahneman’s Thinking, Fast and Slow.”

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“There are a number of recommendations for science communicators in the book. Scientists must flood the internet with correct information – it’s a search engine battle.”

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“Sara and Jack review the latest neuroscience and psychological research to explain why humans seem particularly prone to ignoring science when it comes to vaccinations, antibiotic use and other healthcare options.”

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“The father­ daughter science duo Sara E. Gorman and Jack M. Gorman dive into this at length in their new book, Denying to the Grave: Why We Ignore the Facts That Will Save Us. In a new interview with The Atlantic’s Olga Khazan, the Gormans laid out how mongering fear exploits the very structure of the brain.”


“So where are these massive, time-consuming public health responses going wrong? The answer, according to the Gormans, lies in a widespread failure to utilize a fundamental human tool: empathy.”

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“Gorman and Gorman illustrate how our psychology has influenced our perception of everything from HIV and human papilloma virus to childhood vaccinations, gun violence, nuclear power, antibiotic treatment, and electroconvulsive therapy.”

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“A fascinating exploration of the psychological and social underpinnings of denial. With Jack providing the psychiatric expertise and Sara the public health angle, they make for a great writing team, approaching this contentious topic with a personal flair and embodying the empathy they highlight as vital to overcoming denial.”

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“…can help us understand why facts and statistics fall on deaf ears time and time again…the book is thoughtful, exploring the psychology, neurobiology and evolutionary roots that underpin some of our decision-making, which can make adaptive behaviour maladaptive.”


“Our accidental embrace of bad science is not an incurable flaw of human cognition.  My guests are here to explain it and help us set a course for curing it, and setting a new course for rational healthful thinking and behavior.”


“Como explicar que tantos acreditem em teorias conspiratórias das redes sociais ou nas mentiras de políticos como Trump ou Hillary? A resposta nada tem a ver com educação ou nível intelectual. Mecanismos psíquicos e emocionais regem a credulidade, segundo o recém-lançado Denying to the grave: why we ignore the facts that will save us (Negando até a morte: por que ignoramos os fatos que podem nos salvar), de Jack e Sara Gorman.”


“Sara and Jack Gorman in a Time Magazine article note that ‘It’s easy to dismiss people who believe things that are factually incorrect – that vaccines cause autism, for example, or that climate change isn’t real. But if we really want to change how they think, we need to take an honest look at what’s driving those beliefs. Because it’s not ignorance, it’s psychology.’ (Time Sept. 12, 2016) They write that ‘humans are distinctly uncomfortable with events or phenomena without clear causes, and when we don’t know something, we tend to fill in the gaps ourselves.’ They are authors of the book Denying to the Grave: Why We Ignore the Facts That Will Save Us.”


“In an interesting new book entitled Denying to the Grave: Why We Ignore the Facts That Will Save Us, Sara E. Gorman and Jack M. Gorman explain why many people deny facts even in the face of compelling evidence.”


“Menosprezar inteligência de eleitores de Trump é um erro, diz pesquisadora”


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