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Prize Announcement

Critica Response to Online Science Misinformation Prize

Join Our Mission: Help Combat Scientific Misinformation

Misleading or incorrect information about a scientific topic involving health and human safety appears frequently in traditional and social media and throughout the internet. Research suggests that it is important to detect and challenge these stories to prevent them from being adopted as true by large numbers of people. There is currently some empirical information
about the best ways to convincingly dispute misleading information about health and safety.

For example, it is known that simply reciting the scientific facts without considering the emotions involved in spreading false scientific information is usually insufficient. A body of research also suggests that responses that are uncivil can reinforce false conspiracy theories about scientific evidence.
Critica is a non-profit organization that is devoted to ensuring that people accept scientific evidence as an important part of making personal and public health and safety decisions. Combating science denialism and the spread of false scientific information are important parts of the Critica mission. We seek to encourage thoughtful and effective online responses to
misleading and incorrect representations of science in the health and human safety areas. Critica therefore announces an annual prize for excellent online responses to misleading or false scientific information in the health and human safety fields. Some details about the prize are as follows:

  1. Submissions should be responses to misleading or false information about science that has been posted on blogs, podcasts, social media platforms, or online editions of print and video media. Eligible entries for the Critica Prize are responses that challenge such false or misleading information. These responses may include comments made in response to the submitter’s original response, but chains of online dialogue should not exceed three pages per submission.

  2. Submitted responses must be consistent with accepted scientific consensus on the issue involved. They should be free of unsubstantiated claims, profanity, and personal attacks.

  3. Submissions should involve medicine, psychology, biology, epidemiology, or other areas directly involved in the science of human health and safety. Entries involving other areas of science such as physics or chemistry are beyond the expertise of the panel of judges
    for this contest.

  4. Submissions should consist of responses posted during the twelve months prior to June 30 of each year.

  5. Submissions must be in English or provide English translations.

  6. Submissions are due by December 1, 2019.

  7. Applicants for the prize must be 18 years or older.

  8. Submissions must be free of any copyright or other restrictions that would prevent them from being posted on the Critica website or included in other Critica communications.

  9. Prize winners must agree to allow Critica to publish on its website, social media platforms, and other communications a picture of the winner, the winner’s submission,
    the winner’s biography, and a description of the winner’s work.

  10. First prize will consist of a cash award of $1000.00. Second prize will be $750.00. Third
    prize will be $500.00. Prizes will be awarded in the winter of 2020.


Submissions will be judged by a committee comprised of members of the Critica team and other experts in science journalism and communication.

To make a submission for this award, please fill out the form below.

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Thanks for submitting! We will review your submission and contact you if you are the winner!

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