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Denying to the Grave

The Origins of Critica

Following decades of collective research in public health and psychology, Drs. Sara and Jack Gorman wrote Denying to the Grave: Why We Ignore The Facts That Will Save Us, published by Oxford University Press.

The book, instantly receiving wide acclaim, explores the psychology behind why intelligent people make irrational decisions related to their health and security, the subconscious forces behind those decisions, and how to regain our footing on the path towards health and wellness.

Denying to the Grave focuses on some of the highest profile, public health controversies, including the safety of vaccinations, GMOs, nuclear energy, the safety of gun ownership and electroconvulsive therapy (shock therapy); controversies that hang on as the subject of continuous and rancorous debate, despite the existence of conclusive scientific evidence that should settle things.

With the creation of Critica, the concepts explored in Denying to the Grave will be applied to new issues and conversations. Physicians, journalists, scientists, and public health professionals will be invited to contribute their perspectives and expertise, creating a wider and more informed dialogue of complex topics.


Purchase your copy today to learn how we all reject sound scientific evidence in the face of health and security decisions, and how to rationally discern the flood of information on the issues that matter most.

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